The Thalassotherapy

The Thalassotherapy

“The sea washes all the defilements of men”

Euripides (around BC480-406)

 The "sea" is called the origin of living things. Oddly enough, seawater and human body water occupy about 70% of the earth's surface or body.
We know from ancient Egypt the benefits of sea water. It is said that the ancient Greeks, Hippocrates, Aristotle and others, also treated warm sea water not only as a treatment for wounds but also as preventive medecine.
Over the years, many researchers, mainly in Europe, have studied the relationship between seawater and living organisms.
At the start of the 20th century, French biologist René Canton discovered and established the organic relationship that exists between seawater and blood plasma. Now, thalassotherapy (marine therapy), based on such research, combines sea water, marine climate, sea mud, algae, more balanced diets, moderate exercise, also local tourism with natural environment.

Since 2005, a director of SPALOHAS Club has been interviewing the French specialists in hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy. An easy-to-understand basic idea for thalassotherapy is that "thalassotherapy helps to balance minerals in the body". Continuous daily stress and an uneven diet can upset the mineral balance, among other things, in the body, causing lifestyle-related illnesses.
By taking various types of thalassotherapy treatments, one can absorb "minerals", in particular "trace elements", which cannot be generated in the body, by the skin and by respiration. The mind and body are relaxed.
A variety of programs are provided for different purposes, taking into account the mental aspects. Refreshment, deep sleep, back pain, slim down, fitness, etc.

Les centres de thalassothérapie partenaires en France:


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SPA (Sanitas per Aquae en latin) signifie « la santé par l’eau »

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) peut se traduire par
« Un style de vie qui considère la santé et la durabilité »