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Today, many aspects of the Japanese culture are well-known, or even trendy, abroad: manga, lunch boxes (bentô), tea ceremony (sadô) etc. In comparison, the word “Onsen” (hot spring) seems to be not so popular. Relaxing in a hot spring bath is yet an habit which is deeply rooted in the Japanese way of life. The annual number of nights in traditional inns (ryokan) and other facilities with natural hot water amounts to 130 millions, a figure comparable to the population of Japan.

Natural hot waters contain numerous curative elements (minerals, etc.) and, since ancient times, people have used them for healing and relaxation. Animals were doing the same, and a number of hot springs have actually been discovered by them. Legend even says that a three-legged crow guided an Emperor to a hot spring…

The objective of SPALOHAS Club is to provide information related to the world of Onsen in order that everybody will be able to enjoy this soft, 100% natural and highly culturally connoted therapy.

Onsen trips in Japan

Onsen trips in Japan


SPA (Sanitas per Aquae en latin) signifie « la santé par l’eau »
LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) peut se traduire par
« Un style de vie qui considère la santé et la durabilité »