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Almost 70% of Japanese territory is mountainous and volcanic.
Once upon a time, the Japanese believed that the souls of the dead would cross the mountains and go far away.
Mysterious phenomena of natural gushing of hot water in the mountains, with their beliefs in Shintoism, Buddhism, or Shugendo (which is more associated with the worship of mountains, nature and Buddhism), all mixed over time , with beneficial experiences both mentally and physically.
Today, it represents 130 million overnight stays per year at Japanese spas.
Where does this DNA of loving the Onsen (natural hot spring) come from?
We try to find out with several episodes written by Mr. Michio Ishikawa, one of the most famous specialists on the history and culture of the onsen (see our partners). To read them, click “In praise of Onsen” below.

Onsen trips in Japan

Onsen trips in Japan


SPA (Sanitas per Aquae en latin) signifie « la santé par l’eau »
LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) peut se traduire par
« Un style de vie qui considère la santé et la durabilité »